About Us

Our Story

In 2006, eMomentum Interactive Systems Ltd (eMomentum) first laid its foundation as a Web Application Development company in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. From inception to date, eMomentum has strengthened its base and has ventured into a spectrum of software cloud solutions and services some being collaboration, development, support and consultancy, just to mention a few.

This has been done all in the name of transforming organizations to be where they would like to be. Our knowledgeable and experienced personnel continuously strive to improve and provide high quality service delivery to our customers

Our Mission

eMomentum’s mission is to:

  • Make a difference in our customers unique environments
  • Leverage on our partners and our methodology
  • Provide innovative and transformative technology and
  • Exceed our stakeholders’ expectations

Our Vision

To be the benchmark in disruptive technology to enterprises in Africa

Our Mission & Vision

Why we are here

Technology transforms organizations and lives. It is dynamic and powerful. But technology is vast and complex too.

eMomentum exists to provide the knowledge and expertise to simplify the use of technology and maximize on it in order for organizations to prosper

We are founded on building trusted relationships to transform your organization.

"Technology Inspired by You"