Development and innovation Solutions

Our development solutions are robust,secure and scalable. They are built on our Matrix Core Component Library, providing solutions to clients that are easy to configure and rollout. From open-source software to customized tools, our solutions provide a compliant and measurable Return on Investment.

Development solutions

Governance, Risk and Compliance System

The Governance, Risk and Compliance System (GRC) is a web based application that enables organizations to automate processes surrounding Governance, Risk and Compliance. Automated reports are generated giving you a real time 360 view on the company dispensation.


  1. Rate Risk Probability, and impact and generate a real-time, interactive Gross risk heat map
  2. Manage current and proposed risk controls and rate the control(s) adequacy and effectiveness
  3. Manage risk and risk registers by setting up approval mechanisms between risk managers and staff


  1. Unique risk reporting and assessment for business and regulatory compliance
  2. Automated reports and heat maps save time and give a visual indication of your company’s risk appetite
  3. Increase accuracy of your risk reporting
  4. Increase efficiency by automating the risk management process


  1. 360 view of your organization compliance status, all obligations under each compliance and the respective authorities
  2. Automated reports and tracking of compliance and organization’s obligations
  3. Interactive monitoring


  1. Increase efficiency by automating the entire Compliance process
  2. Save time by assigning users specific obligations and obtaining real time auto generated reports on compliance status


  1. Real time audit reports and interactive audit status monitoring
  2. Customizable audit reports
  3. 360 view and assessment of past and current audits


  1. Increase efficiency by automating the entire audit process
  2. Save time by having auto-generated audit reports
  3. Increase accuracy of audit reports

Benefits of Governance, Risk and Compliance System

  • Real time interactive reports.
  • Built on the cloud, the GRC system is accessible from any web based browser.
  • Collaboration on the platform.
  • Module based user authentication which ensures that only the right user have access to specific information on the system.
  • Local support and Maintenance from the team that has developed the system.
  • The system is built on Google infrastructure which provides for reliability and security

Asset Management System

Asset Management System (AMS) is a cloud based visualization tool that seeks to help companies manage assets. It handles the management of assets that are leased/rented to clients.