What is collaboration?

Collaboration means to work with others on a non-routine cognitive task — that is, working together. Collaborative tools are computing systems that include, as one of their major design goals, features designed to facilitate work that involves more than one person.

Types of collaboration

We offer a suite of collaboration tools from the types listed below, i.e :


It is particularly used to share documents, schedule meetings, coordinate events and services, host discussions, foster decision-making, etc. Hosted email services such as Google email, Microsoft Exchange online.

Calendaring and scheduling systems

Hosted calendaring systems, such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange.

Content-sharing tools

File shares, e.g. disk space for document storage; file servers; web-based file storage; Photo sharing services; Video and podcast sharing services.

Group interaction tools

Discussion forums

Conferencing tools

‘Chat’ and instant messaging tools; voice conferencing tools, such as Skype; Web/video conferencing tools that facilitate virtual meetings, such as Microsoft Live Meeting.

Collaborative authoring tools

Collaborative document editing tools such as Google Docs.

Project coordination

Project management systems, issue tracking such to-do lists; Workflow systems.

Social networking tools

An enterprise social network such as Microsoft Yammer

Business Benefits

  • Powerful and complete suite of applications: Fully integrated productivity suite, with built-in communication, collaboration, and enterprise Social capabilities.
  • Reliability: Get peace of mind knowing your services are available with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime.
  • Reduced Complexity: Spend less time troubleshooting and more time on core operations .
  • Up to date: No need to pay for version upgrades; updates are included in your subscription.
  • Control and efficiency in IT: better controls of systems at all times.

Key features

  • Anywhere and anytime access on any device
  • Privacy and security (Enterprise-grade and cutting-edge security practices)
  • File storage and sharing
  • Timely and reliable support

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